1. Managing Director
    These images were produced during a design studio at the University of Miami School of Architecture in 2013. Fourth-year, fifth year, and graduate students, and Andrew Georgiadis created a counterproposal to FDOT's elevated reconstruction of I-395. This was simultaneously a sea-level rise adaptation strategy, as the boulevard would be on-top of bypass tunnels. The bypass tunnels would be at current grade rather than excavated. City streets would be elevated and sloped up to meet the new boulevard to address the coming sea level rise of 2-10 meters. The midtown interchange would be rebuilt as a large roundabout, similar to Paris's Place de l'Etoile. Most of the lots that were demapped and appropriated to construct the highways would be returned to the City as development sites, thereby increasing tax revenue and creating urban infill opportunities in Overtown and Downtown, which had been severed and disconnected by the freeways. This studio culminated 15 years of research on the rebuilding of I-395 and I-95.
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    Midtown Interchange, Existing Conditions. The construction of this interchange and the highways that radiate from it resulted in the destruction of Overtown, Miami, and the displacement of thousands of African-American households.
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    The proposed roundabout and bypass tunnels would replace the interchange and return hundreds of acres back to the City for park land and development sites, stimulating billions of dollars of investment and knitting the neighborhoods back together.
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    Andrew Georgiadis designed Casa Club and other bulidings and public spaces as part of the Distrito Vila Flor Charrette held in Guatemala City in Autumn, 2016. Georgiadis Urban Design was hired by Castillo Arquitectos and Juan Pablo Rosales, leading new urbanists and architects in Guatemala and the architects of record for this project.
Coon Key/St. Armand's Causeway, Existing Conditions, with Australian Pines and Hostile Roadway
Coon Key/St. Armand's Causeway, Proposed Design, with Native Vegetation and Multi-modal Design
Lift Station 87 (under construction). As per instructions from the City Commission, the building is a resurrection of the Hover Arcade.  Front Elevation along Mound Street. Architect of Record: Jack Christie
Lift Station 87 (under construction). Rear Elevation. Architect of Record: Jack Christie